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ESBOdrive – The actuating drive for ball valves

The ESBOdrive actuating drive can be configured as a single- or double-acting actuator and is available in pneumatic and electric versions. Despite its small size, it provides high actuating torque values. This is made possible by the elimination of guide rods, which maximises the active surface of the self-centring pistons.

To adapt to changing operating requirements, the ESBOdrive actuating drive can be changed over from double-to single-acting operation by simply changing the number of springs without having to remove the unit from its valve. The actuator can be opened without risk of injury and is easy and safe to handle.

ESBOdrive actuating drives can be fitted to all ESBOvalve ball valves with ISO 5211 top flange and feature two DIN/ISO flange configurations for flexible mounting. The ESBOdrive can be equipped with the position switch ESBOswitch.